For a moment,
think back to 1841.

There had only been 8 US presidents at that time. By the end of 1841 there would be two more....
There were only 26 States, with Missouri facing the western frontier.
Horace Greeley began publishing the New York Tribune.
The first wagon train arrived in the California territory.
....and in 1841 the Saratoga County Fair was born!

2016 marks the 175th Anniversary of the Saratoga County Agricultural Society, which presents the Saratoga County Fair. Formed in Ballston Spa, NY, in 1841, the SCAS pre-dates most of the Agricultural Fairs in New York State (and the USA), not to mention the Saratoga Racetrack in Saratoga Springs, the American Civil War, and even Canada becoming a Country!

The Saratoga County Agricultural Society is not an agency of the County of Saratoga, but an organization guided by a 21 member Board of Directors (all volunteer), a few dozen ad-hocs (all volunteer), and a small group of employees that work varying schedules through the year.

The founding fathers of the SCAS represented each Town in Saratoga County, with the first President of the Society being Howell Gardiner of Greenfield. Gardiner was also a Justice of the Peace for two decades, was elected to the NYS Assembly three times between 1815 and 1831, and he was also a member of the Electoral College, casting his vote for James Monroe to be the 5th US President. Mr. Gardiner’s involvement in the SCAS set the stage for active involvement by politicians, businessmen, educators, and agriculturalists for now over 17 decades.

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