Officers & Directors


2017 Officers & AdHoc

2017 Officers & AdHoc
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25. Mar 2017

Saratoga County Agricultural Society
Officers and Directors 2016-17

President:  Chuck Curtiss

Vice President:  Tammy Ballestero

Secretary:  Jennifer Flinton

Treasurer: Bill Schwerd

Executive Director: Jeff Townsend

Directors – One Year

  • Kenny Bowman
  • Mike Conley
  • Kathy Hanehan
  • Paul Lent
  • Audrey Poitras
  • Bill Schwerd
  • Tim Welch

Directors – Two Year

  • John Mancini
  • Chuck Curtiss
  • Jennifer Flinton
  • Frank Griffin
  • Garth Riccio
  • Lauren Rowland
  • Sarah Welch

Directors – Three Year

  • Jason Armer
  • Tom Armer
  • Tammy Ballestero
  • Richard Decker
  • Colleen Luke
  • Susan Leahey
  • Kevin Veitch

Honorary Vice Presidents

  • Tom Hicks
  • Roy Palmer
  • Dave Sexton

Honorary Directors

  • Bill Barner
  • Richard Cruver
  • Bud South

Honorary Members

  • Mayor of Ballston Spa John Romano
  • Milton Town Supervisor Dan Lewza

Saratoga County Agricultural Society Ad Hocs 2016-17

4-H: Greg Stevens, Carter Older, Kirk Schoen
Agricultural Services: Susan Beebe, Ted Beebe
Cattle: Mike Herrington, Neil Peck
Commercial Exhibits: Tony Ballestero, Lynn & Tom Cumm, Joan & Dick Rowland
Conservation: Mickey Elliott, Russ Lehr, Paul Sinicki, Bob & Christine Hodorowski
Education: Debora Leahey, Kimberly Leahey
Farm Produce: Michael & Sally Planko

Fine Arts: Gail Trautman, Lindsey Bombard
Flowers: Stacie Livingston
Goats: Daylyn Pettis
Grange Exhibits: Jane Potter
Home Arts: Patricia Miller, Ellen Tucker-Cohen, Tania Hobbs
Neighborhood Relations:  Gary Martin
Publicity: Alicia Jacobs
Saddle Horses: Crickit Steele-Rockwell
Sheep: Mary & Lee Bramer

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